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The Campaign

Our Cause


Together we can make a difference in Haiti’s future, today.

RAISED $16,649.42 GOAL $1,000,000

Haiti Global Village (HGV) was started after the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Matthew in the southern regions of Haiti October of 2016. HGV is a collective of individuals that have come together to take charge in the future of Haiti. HGV is an idea, but with all of us, active members, who have pledge to put their name, reputation, and money where their heart is, we will turn this movement into ACTION.

This initiative is important because we want the world, ourselves included, to remember HGV and see us in action and understand what L‘Union Fait La Force means. While a few conceived the idea, this is an impossible undertaking without a true union. The 1804 birth of our nation, initiated by the only successful slave rebellion, could not have happened without unity. Neither can this. Let’s move passed the tears, the helplessness, the “but the problem is just so big” and “the gov’t needs to do this”. Let’s do our part first. Let’s put a real effort. And ACT.

The plan
Provide Immediate Aid to those in Need from Hurricane Matthew. 1/4 of initial funds raised will be given to 2 organizations on the ground with a proven track record. Gaskov Clerge Foundation has been identified as one such organization. With you villagers, we hope to identify another organization in Jeremie. Organizations that understand relief and have the capacity to answer to the people’s need.

Create a database of caring, active, capable individuals with a real desire to BUILD Haiti and develop a true emergency management system for Haiti between the Diaspora & Haiti by 2017.This system is to better plan and respond in a timely manner pre and post disasters to save lives. With our list of villagers from New York, Boston, Miami, Montreal, and allies around the world, committing to this movement, we will have a comprehensive list of skilled individuals at the ready to volunteer their expertise.
Create, Develop, and Implement Sustainable development projects to build Haiti. Haiti Global Village aims to develop structures and projects that will change people’s lives and the landscape of Haiti region by region. The projects will be outline from ideas presented by you the villagers. What are your concerns? Housing? Sanitation? Economics and job development? Healthcare? Present your ideas, and you, as contributing and participating members will vote. That’s how we will tackle our first project and that is how we will continue to tackle all projects through the village for a better Haiti.

What we need from you today?
You can have a voice in Haiti’s future.

Commit! A commitment and your pledge to give of your time and resources for the rebuilding of Haiti. We need you to commit to at least $25, $50, $100, $1000 donation or whatever you heart and wallet can spare. Contact one of us and learn more.

Recruit! Recruiting other villagers; 10 friends, family and/or like-minded supporters to each donate.

Share! Spread the word and share. Create a 30 second video to add to the Haiti Global Village gallery Instagram page briefly explaining your hopes for Haiti and how this movement can help. Share and hashtag on social media. #ayitisepam #ayitisepaw #ittakesavillage #imwithhaiti #HaitiGlobalVillage #HGV
Let us show our strength in unity. This is us doing for ourselves, for our country, but more importantly, shows what our strength is when we put our heads together. Our initial goal is to raise $1,000,000 among Haitians, Haitian-Americans and Friends of Haiti. We CAN do this!!

While that’s a drop in the bucket in terms of real project development, a million dollars puts us in a place to raise more capital.

Together is how we will carry this initiative. There will be no salaries. ALL funds donated will be utilized towards those 3 items mentioned above. Financial reports and bank statements will be posted online quarterly with clear breakdown and reporting.

The Global Village shall rebuild Haiti.