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Let us not just be ruled by reactive behavior toward disasters, but rather a proactive plan for a better tomorrow.

“To whom much is given, much is required”

Haiti Global Village is an idea, but with all of us, active members, who have pledged to put their name, reputation, and money where their heart is, we will turn this movement into ACTION.

Haiti is our homeland and it’s going to take a village, a GLOBAL VILLAGE, to implement projects to rebuild and make it once again flourish. Why  leave Haiti’s future in others’ hands? For decades we have watched individuals and organizations not fulfill what they pledged and promised to do. We, as Haitians can take matters into our own hands. Each and every single one of us can take responsibility and do our part. We are smart, capable, connected individuals and more importantly we care!  #ayitisepam #ayitisepaw #ittakesavillage #imwithhaiti #WcCanMakeaDifference #HaitiGlobalVillage #HGV

The plan

  • Provide Immediate Aid to those in Need from Hurricane Matthew.
  • Support of the rebuilding of Jeremie’s main cathedral – a major community hub, central to the infrastructure of the community.
  • Help in the rebuilding of wells to provide communities with clean  water in Jeremie and Les Cayes.
  • Provide seeds to help replant vegetation, farming and agriculture lost during natural disasters and to help in the prevention of further erosion of the land.
  • Create a database of caring, active, capable individuals with a real desire to REBUILD Haiti and develop a true emergency response management system for Haiti between the Diaspora & Haitian people by 2017.
  • Create, Develop, and Implement Sustainable development projects to rebuild Haiti.

What we need from you today?

You can have a voice in Haiti’s future.

  1. Commit! A commitment and your pledge to give of your time and resources for the rebuilding of Haiti. We need you to commit to at least $25, $50, $100, $1000, $5,000, $10,000 donation or whatever your heart and wallet can spare. Contact one of us and learn more.
  2. Recruit! Join the network and recruit other villagers; 10 friends, family and/or like-minded supporters to each donate.
  3. Share! Spread the word and share. Create a 30 second video to add to the Haiti Global Village gallery on Instagram briefly explaining your hopes for Haiti and how this movement can help. Share and use these hashtag handles on social media. #ayitisepam #ayitisepaw #ittakesavillage #imwithhaiti #haitiglobalvillage #HGV

Let us show our strength in unity. This is us doing for ourselves, for our country, but more importantly, to  show what our strength is when we put our heads together and work  in unity. Our initial goal is to raise $1,000,000 among Haitians, Haitian-Americans and Friends of Haiti. We CAN do this!!

While that’s a drop in the bucket in terms of real project development, a million dollars puts us in a place to raise more capital.

Together is how we will carry this initiative. There will be no salaries.  All funds donated will be utilized towards those action plans and projects mentioned above. Financial reports and bank statements will be posted online quarterly with clear breakdown and reporting.

The Global Village shall rebuild Haiti.

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great cause. keep it up.

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